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Best software for network monitoring

Hi all

Im looking for some software to basically give me availability management, performance, netflow, syslogs, snmp etc for a large number of devices

what is one of the best solutions for this, none Cisco

I have been looking at solarwinds, netscout

Are there any recommend products that can do all this very well ?

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

The best choice depends on several things:

  • your network size and complexity, esp multi-vendor management needs,
  • whether or not you want servers and applications as well to be be monitored,
  • your ability to customize and configure free (open source) vs. wanting a vendor-supported product with easy out-of-the-box setup,
  • etc.

SolarWinds certainly offers a strong product suite (NPM plus NTA for the functions you mentioned) although large setups can get pricey (I have seen some US$ 6 figures). For many small to medium enterprises it is a good solution and it offers nice integration pay as you grow.

On the open source side you can put together a solution based on several tools. For instance, Nagios + Cacti + ntop + RANCID all combined give you a lot of useful information. Cost of ownership may or may not be higher as you do all the integration work yourself.

Some people speak highly of What's Up Gold although it's a more basic product. Also, ManageEngine's tools are well-regarded.

Of course an all-Cisco shop is best served by Cisco's offerings.

Ciscoworks LMS 4.2.4

Except the OP asked "none Cisco". (assuming he meant to say non-Cisco)


Hey Carl,

ActionPacked Networks has a great network management software called LiveAction! We are a Cisco Registered Developer and have many partnerships with Cisco that you can read about here:

Here's a free trial download if you want to check it out:

Either way, hope you find the solution that meets your needs!



Here are a couple of others:

The link below does some comparison between several others::