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how can i see ciscoworks applications' (etc. common service, rme) version?and how can i upgrade them one by one? thanks..

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Fadi Twal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

in order to know the versions,

go to CS -> software center -> software updates

to upgrade them you can use the same page, select the application you want to upgrade and clisck on download updates.

thanks for your quick the way sorry for this simple questions, i am new at ciscoworks..

no problem,

we are here to assist :-)

so to help you better since you are new,

here is the link for the LMS (installation guide in it you can check the getting started chapter)

also you can search for the applications user guide.

hope this helps.

hi fadi twal

i installed ciscoworks on vmware windows 2003 server.

firstly when i want to open somewhere on RME i get "license server/daemon manager i down" error. what should i do?

and how i can get pdshow output in txt file..should i copy paste from command prompt ?

before installing the LMS you need to check the VM

machine version and if it is supported in the LMS installation guide as not all of them are supported.

the license manager issue you can try to reboot the server and see how it goes from there,

if the issue still there i guess you need to open a new forum.

the pdshow output you can do the following to dump the output into a txt file.

in the cli:

pdshow > C:\pdshow.txt

this will create a file under the C:\ drive with the name pdshow.txt and all the data will be stored there ;-)

thank you fadi twal..

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