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C3560G - SNMP MIB Support for QOS Port Trust

I've been digging through Cisco's SNMP Object Navigator without any luck, so I'm turning to the masses to see if someone has an answer.

I'd like to know if there is a supported MIB on the C3560G platform (for any IOS version) that will report the QOS port trust state on a given switchport. Although not necessary for my current needs, it would be nice if there was a way to report the other fields produced by the "show mls qos interface" IOS command.


-- John

Cisco Employee

There are some MIBs which will be of your interest :


This MIB module is for the management of Cisco's per port rate-limiting and traffic shaping on L3 switch/Router Platform(s).

CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB (For show mls qos int):

is MIB provides read access to Quality of Service (QoS) configuration and statistics information for Cisco platforms that support the Modular Quality of Service Command-line Interface (Modular QoS CLI).Configuration information available through this MIB includes all ClassMap, PolicyMap, Match Statements, and Feature Actions configuration parameters.


This MIB module extends the CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB by defining configuration and statistics information specific to the quality of service (QoS) features of Layer2/3 switch functionality implemented in Cisco devices. It is applicable to a device which is fully within a single QoS domain, although one or more boundaries with other QoS domains can be immediately adjacent to this device.

Statistics available through this MIB includes:

+ Per module Multi-Layer Switching QoS statistics.

+ Per interface QoS queueing statistics.

You can check this link to check what all MIBs are supported on a perticular IOS :



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Thank you for your response. I was already aware of the CISCO-PORT-QOS-MIB (supported by the 3560G) and CISCO-SWITCH-QOS-MIB (not supported by the 3560G) MIBs. After reviewing the CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB (supported by the 3560G), I see no specific OID that would retrieve the information I require as it mainly pertains to the MQC.

I found two OIDs that appear to represent the data I'm trying to collect. The first one is csqIfTrustState from the CISCO-SWITCH-QOS-MIB. Unfortunately this appears to be supported only on the 6500/7600 devices. The second one is caqIfOperTrustState from the CISCO-CATOS-ACL-QOS-MIB, which is a legacy MIB for the old CATOS software.

Please let me know if I overlooked a specific OID from the MIBs you pointed out or if there are any alternatives you can think of. Thanks!

-- John

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