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Can't Launch Topology Services - LMS 3.1


I've got (again) an issiue with CiscoWorks LMS 3.1.

I can't launch the Topology Services.

The App tries to launch and doesn't complete the launching process.

Please see the attached screenshot.

I'm running Java 1.6.0_05 (the special cisco works delivered version)

I use the FireFox, but the problem occured with Opera as well.

ANIServer and ANIDbEngine are running. After the problem occured, ANIServer has the ProcessState "Running with busy flag set".

A Restart of the service fixed this state.

Any idea what would solve that issue?

Thanks in Advance

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

First, your client is not localized for US English.  This is not supported.  Change your client's locale to US English, and try again.  You should also check that the client can access tcp/42342 and tcp/43242 on the server (i.e. that these ports are not blocked by a firewall).


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Thank you for your fast respone.

I checked the ports. Both are reachable.

I changed my location und language for non-Unicode programs to English (United States).

Unfortunely the problem still persists.

Same symptoms.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Make sure the server's short hostname is resolvable on the client, and resolves to the proper IP address.  When Topology Services hangs trying to connect to ANI on a supported client, this is always either a firewall problem, or a hostname problem.


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Hi Joe,

thanks again for your response.

I really hoped that i overviewed some system specs that doesn't fit with cisco works...unfortunely that wasn't the fact.

What is really anoying is that we had already LMS 2.6 running. Topology Services was functionating properly (with the same client specs...well an older java version tough)

I read the LMS 3.1 Quick Start Guide again and double checked my system specs:

Client Operating System:          Windows Vista - SP1

Client RAM:                             3GB

Virtual Memory:                       6144 MB

Default Location:                      English (United States)

C:\Windows\System32>java -version
java version "1.6.0_05"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_05-b13)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 10.0-b19, mixed mode)

Some tests with different browsers:

Firefox 3.5               ->               X

Opera 10.51             ->               X

IE 7 (7.0.6001.18000)->               X (At least this one is officialy supported)

Checking the reachability of some ports:

(from client to server)

43242/tcp     ->     reachable (ANIServer, Campus)

42342/tcp     ->     reachable (OSAGENT, CiscoWorks Common Service)

I checked the server's chort hostname. It is perfectly resolveable on the client. (also backwards)

Am I missing something important here?

Thanks in advance

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

LMS 2.6 used different TCP ports when connecting to ANIServer.  Start a sniffer trace filtering on all TCP traffic between the client and server (do this on the client if possible).  Then launch Topology Services.  When it hangs, stop the trace, and post the capture file.


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Well i did some sniffing on the client.

Im kind of uncomfortable posting the capture here (whireshark) since there was a lot of other traffic which may include unsecure transmission of passwords.

Please tell me if the information i provided was adequate. If not, i'll try to snif a second time.

Here is what i've got:

Before i clicked on "Topology Services" i started the capture.

There was NOT a single connection over tcp to the ciscoworks server ip.

I saw some http traffic over our proxy to the ciscoworks system tough.

I don't think that my client is misconfigured on the network side, since i tested this on some devices of my colleagues.

As soon as i test the ports with telnet, this is also displayed in the packet capture.

On some occasion, if i wait long enough, some more log-output is displayed. (please see the attached screenshot)

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The client is still localized to German.  Additionally, Topology Services cannot connect to  If, on the client, you telnet to port 42342, what output do you get?

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