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Can you use the LMS webserver/Portal to host a seperate intranet portal?

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Level 1

Running LMS 3.2 on Windows:

I need to create a portal based Intranet site for the customer and want to

know if I could use LMS to create a sepeate portal that would not

redirect for authentication. Trying to avoid buying another server for a small environment.

I have been able to serve normal pages by adding the paths to the allow_files.conf

but I need it to be portal based and and figured there might be a way to take advantage of

the existing jquery ..etc

any ideas?

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You cannot use the existing portal/portlet framework within LMS without going through authentication/authorization.  Installing a parallel framework is not supported (at least not taking advantage of the same LMS infrastructure).

However, provided your LMS server has enough physical resources, you could install another Apache/Tomcat application server environment on the same machine.  That environment would use its own directories and ports.  You could even install your own copy of Liferay to provide portal services.

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