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Cannot add WLC 5508 to Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0

Hoi Lam So

Though the Cisco Prime Infrastructure Compatibility Matrix list out that is supported for PI 2.0

I am not able to add the controller to the PI 2.0.

The Reachability Status always shown "Unknow" and SNMP Status always shown "No response for SNMP Get".

There is no firewall between the WLC and PI.

And ping test shows it is reachable.

If I try to add controller by non-management port (I know it is not work but I want to try the reachability), the Reachability Status shown "Reachable" but the SNMP Status always shown error.

And if I use some SNMP testing software to test the SNMP port. SNMP can be quoted.

I have try to lower down the "Maximum VarBinds per Get PDU" but no luck.

Any thing I can do to troubleshoot the problem?

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Accepted Solutions

Hi, please check on 5508 wlc:
Did u enable snmp on wlc??

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did u enter the correct community name:

put the management interface ip address and also put the right community name.

As per screenshot:

Hope it helps


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Thanks, sandeepchoudhary21

Yes, I have tried with the new Community and "prviate". But none of them work.

Also, I have tried SNMP v1 and v3. They are also not working.


Did u tried as per this document:

Please check if firewall isn't blocking SNMP to/from the WLC.


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Yes, I follow the procedure but it does not work.

Another update:

I add another WLC with version It is fine.

And I setup another new PI 2.0 and new temporary WLC5508 with to test. It work fine also......

So, I am wondering the existing 7.2 WLC have problem in responsing the SNMP Get. But I dont have any idea to test....

Do anyone have idea to test the snmp connection between PI and WLC?

Hi, please check on 5508 wlc:
Did u enable snmp on wlc??

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Yes, the WLC enabled the snmp. I used some snmp tools to quote and the result is positive.

There is some update.

I tried Prime infrastructure 1.4 to add the WLC. However, it shows the same as that of PI 2.0.

There should be some problem for the WLC. I will try reboot later on.

Finally, I add the controller by another non-management interface...

PI2.0 is not ready for enterpries as discussed in another discussion.

Glad that u resolved the problem thanks for sharing.
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Hi Sir

After Update SNMP on PI is show Error ?

No such error is found. Btw, the PI 2.2 is released now. I believe such bug has been fixed.

I think Bug Version

I tested PI2.2 and WLC is no problem

But PI 2.2 and WLC is problem found can not remove device and update and audit

There is a "star" for 7.6.130. Use it anyway.

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