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cat6k responds much slower to one SNMP RO string than another


Not sure what to make of this, but I'm running into a 6509 that takes >90s to respond to queries from the Nagios check_ifstatus plugin
when a particular SNMP RO string is used. It responds "normally" (within a few secs) if an alternate RO string is substituted in. Both strings are configured identically, according to the network staff. I don't have access to the full configs. I can't think of what might cause this kind of behavior. Any ideas on what to check for are much appreciated.

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Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

This does sound strange, and it's not something I've heard before.  I would have to think that either there is some difference in the SNMP configuration (views applied, ACL, etc.) or perhaps the problematic string contains a '@' and the switch is evaluating it with community string indexing rules.

Before any kind of troubleshooting can begin, you'd need to get the show ver and show run.  It may also be helpful to get a sniffer trace just to see if anything on the network might be throttling SNMP responses based on community string (would be strange, but you never know).  Seeing the switch's CPU utilization at each poll would be helpful, too.  Perhaps it's coincidental that one string appears to take longer than another.  Perhaps something else is happening on the switch that is driving up CPU utilization at the same time.

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