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Centralized Network Management

I recently just started a Network Administrator job out of college. My company has put me in charge of updating a database with switch information (IP, MAC, Serial, Model) which would not be an issue but the company has well over 400 Cisco devices and they have let the database get behind making it a pain to update it. These devices are world wide connected using a WAN. They informed me they were going to use SolarWinds to manage this but since SolarWinds had security issues in the past we are no longer going to use it. Does anyone know of a solution to this to automatically pull this information and store it in a database?

Leo Laohoo
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@ichiha68 wrote:

 (IP, MAC, Serial, Model)

Is that all is needed?  IP address, MAC address, serial number and model?  

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since SolarWinds had security issues in the past we are no longer going to use it.

they do release patches, there is no product that can give you 100% not vulnerable since some bugs will be discovered as technology evolves.


If you still Hold the License suggest to use make use of Solarwinds.


PRTG is free certain level


Some Open Source :



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While I think your company needs a management tool with them being world wide as well as maintaining that many devices, I do find this exercise to be very helpful for new employees and for people straight out of college. By logging into each device you are able to see what it is, how its configured as well as gathering the required information. Once you collect the information you can then use it to import into one of the various monitoring tools for constant monitoring as well as reporting (solarwinds, opmantek, spiceworks, etc). While you are in there I would validate and record the SNMP version, snmp string, or snmp credentials. Whatever system that automates this will also need access to the device so you will want to make sure the device has the necessary holes up in the future to that monitoring/database server.