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Changing Pre-share Keys with Prime using Templates??

I'm trying to use the Cisco Prime 3.2 Configuration Templates in the Features & Technologies-Security-VPN Components-Pre-shared keys to change existing pre-share keys on multipule IPsec/GRE Tunnels.

I add the peer IP and subnet mask, then it ask for the pre-share key twice. When I type the pre-share in, it does not show up, however I then save and when I look at  the CLI commands that will be deployed, it shows a "NO" for the exiting pre-share keys and peers, and then the new one but with all ***** (asterix) I deploy anyway, however the key just shows up as * (asterix) in the router's configuration, and even though I match the key on both sides, when I clear the security associates the tunnel breaks.

I am assuming that from within Cisco Prime the pre-share key I enter is not getting encrypted correctly or at all either before or after I deploy to the router.


Anyone have any ideas or experience with this to make it work. Is Cisco Prime expecting that I am enter an already existing encrypted pre-share or is it suppose to except clear text key and encrypted it or let the router encrypt it?

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