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Changing VlLAN on port to a Voice VLAN


I am having trouble changing a port's vlan to a voice vlan. I was successful on a different switch but the difference with this switch is that the port that i am trying to change is on an unmanaged switch. When i run  a show interface status on the switch that i attempted to move the port to the voice vlan it shows i was successful but i do not see the ip address for the device. I am not sure if having an unmanaged switch can be the problem.

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Re: Changing VlLAN on port to a Voice VLAN

what you mean un managed switch, what is the model and version code running.


you can do default the interface and configure voice vlan ? is that works ?


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Re: Changing VlLAN on port to a Voice VLAN

if that is an unmanaged switch how can you change the access vlan to the voice vlan using CLI? your phone will need to get an ip address from you DHCP which must be configured on CME or CUCM Server, Is that your new voice VLAN allowed on the Trunk interfaces to the other switches where may be your CUCM is connected? how were you getting the DHCP IP before on the Data VLAN? Check your dhcp messages are getting relayed or i would suggest check your trunk links

Hope that helps but in the mean time i am still not sure about the switch so if you can post your config as well it would be alot easier to diagnose

Re: Changing VlLAN on port to a Voice VLAN

Sorry for the confusion this issue has been resolved

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