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Cisco 4G/LTE understanding SNMP MIB vs. "show cellular" output

I'm in need of a little help mapping the SNMP MIB attributes within CISCO-WAN-3G-MIB & CISCO-WAN-CELL-EXT-MIB to the outputs of the "show cellular 0/2/0 **" command on the router CLI, e.g. say a C1117-4PLTE or C887VAG-4G device.

this is not an exhaustive list but important ones for the cellular side to work correctly.
1. the modem is up/working.
2. the radio signal is ok.
3. sim is ok.
4. the router/modem is registered on the network.
5. the data profile is attached.

I am comfortable with 1-3 & have mapped these attributes in the above SNMP MIB.

for steps 4&5, if I look thru the outputs of router CLI I can see references to 4&5 in the CLI "connection" & "network" commands, can you explain what these 4 outputs below relate to & how they equate to 4&5 in my list

#sh cellular 0/2/0 connection
Profile 1, Packet Session Status = ACTIVE

#sh cellular 0/2/0 hardware
Packet switch domain(PS) state = Attached
Registration state(EMM) = Registered
EMM Sub State = Normal Service

furthermore, if you can look at the MIB(s) I refer to, exactly which table/OID can they be mapped to for configuring the SNMP network mgmt.


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