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Cisco LMS accessible by hostname not IP address

Hello Everyone,

I have installed Cisco LMS 4.2 server on windows 2008. I am able to access the LMS using http but in place of hostname/Ip address its showing hostname of the server not the ip address of the server.

I have to access the LMS web through ip address in the network.

Please advise how can i do https to the server using ip address not hostname.


Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

I'm not sure I follow your question.

What happens when you simply type in the url http://:1741 ? (1741 is the default port for http used by LMS)

You later ask about https. Are you asking about http or https? If https, you need to explicitly enable it in your server setup (Admin > Getting Started, Browser-Server Security settings) and decide whether the self-signed certificate is OK or if you need to import a 3rd-party signed certificate.

Thanks for the reply Marvin

when i double click the lms icon its showing hostname

instead of ip address in address bar

when i type ip addr on port 1741 i am unable to access

even i did settings in admin then trust mgmt and restarted

the daemon services

i want to access lms from network.

http or https not a problem for me and i know this settings

please Advise

You're welcome.

By default the installer for LMS on a Windows server will create a shortcut on the server desktop for the LMS application on that same host.

The default shortcut properties will be "http://:1741" If you've enabled https, the server should redirect that to "https:///CSCOnm/servlet/login/login.jsp" in the browser when you launch it. (Substituting your local server's computername for the parameter I've shown in the angled brackets.)

Assuming that shortcut works on the server itself, the LMS installation is working. The only barriers that I can think of for it to not work from a remote location when specifying the server's IP address (as opposed to the computer name) would be a host or network firewall that is not allowing traffic to reach the application via TCP at port 80 or 443.

If the shortcut doesn't work on the server, there are issues with the installation and  we can discuss them if that's the case.

Hello Marvin,

I have solved almost all the problem with LMS and configured network devices. Everything is working fine expect Topology services.

I am facing bad time with it. When i try to launch the topology services it prompt for java installation. Even after installing the java it will not launch it.

I am using the mozilla 8.0 browser and OS is windows 2008 where the LMS server is installed. i even copied avalon, jacorb and logkit in the java-jre-lib-endorsed and made this folder with full access

Please help what could be the issue with it.

If you need any input reply.

Help in this regard with be much appriciated.

I've not had the Topology Java issues on the LMS server itself before. Most people don't run the client from the server, although the couple of Windows LMS servers I've built have done so just fine. They were always new builds though and used solely for LMS, and not domain members so I had complete local control over them.

Many people have struggled with it on the workstation side. In the latter case, the most consistent fix is to uninstall ALL previous Java versions, turn off UAC and then, with an account that has Administrator level privilege, reinstall using the Java distribution that LMS provides.