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Cisco PI 3.1 - Distributing Software Images to Devices (ie; 3850)

Good afternoon,

I have been using PI for several years, but I have never distributed or activated an IOS image using PI.  I want to know if I follow the instructions for distributing a software image (only distributing), will that cause a reboot?

I'm sure the activating process does do the reboot, but I want to make sure it's safe to distribute the images withOUT rebooting my 3850 switches.

Thanks in advance,

John L.


Forget it man. SWIM

Forget it man. SWIM distributing  have never worked with Prime Infrastructure in all versions.

The BU in India and TAC in EU, US and India have never solved my problems or any of my colleages problems. And we have like 20+ prime servers from version 1.X to 3.1.1.

Try PnP CNS SWIM upgrade with 3650 switches in install mode witch is the mode all Cisco switches comes with. Not supported. 

They can not get this simple swim service to work consistant. 

SWIM distrbution fails: 

Even if prime user have  priv lvl 15 user authentication etc.  All FTP/SCP/TFTP services on. 

The cisco nodes from  IOS, IOS-XE, stacked, unstacked,  etc on the 2960, X.3750, 4500, 3650 etc

  On the nodes:   ip scp server enabled and snmp-server shutdown on.

Stacked switches only takes .tar files etc. 

All the limitations Cisco never mention in any  documents and never mention when they show the powerpoint how beatiful and easy thing can be done.

The shit do not work and you use countless with hours.

And the stuff is so expensive and it can not even do that. I miss the LMS days where you could upgrade 500+ devices in 4 hours.

So many bugs I sometimes need to pull all my hair out. Example SNMPv3 username had 8 char limitation. PnP CNS thats just fails miserably. . APIC-EM proxy PnP Agent that completly can not do PnP with APs in flex connect mode. Works in local mode, but why do they document that it works with flex connect mode?

Try to do smart install with 400+ APs just to get APs are sending BPDUs to the switches (Witch had BPDU guard) or have a space behind the CDP name of the AP so local smart triggers never work. Should have sent the 400 APs back and say fix the shit yourself.  What is the matter with you Cisco can you even to the simple things right?

Here is the latest shit they gave me: Try to do a SWIM distrbution upgrade from 3.7.3 til 16.3.1 on a 3650  with SCP, TFTP, FTP or SFTP on 3.1.1 PI

Do not work. Fails on SCP, FTP and TFTP. SFTP was not supprted on the device. What else is new? Give me my hair and money back.

Advice what works for a SWIM distribution:

You do better just send you a config template to download image with ftp from Prime and "boot system" or software install template and then send "reload in" config template when your done if you want to upgrade lots of switches.  So maybe in version 10.3.1 they make the PI SWIM work but by then I am already bold. Until then use that method. 

And to answer you question. No it does not reboot. Just rememeber to  hook add boot system and activate off when youre submitting your distribution job. 

Good luck. I hope it works for you. We may compare the error logs if not.

The i can give you the details of what actually works. 

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