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cisco prime 2.2.0 software update alerts

Hi All,

I have seen software update alerts in Cisco Prime 2.2.0

Please find the attached screenshot for references.

Could you please guide me how I can fix the issues ?

how can I apply update ?

Is it need to be take Backup before update and how?

If its unsuccessful how can I Rollback ?

Thanks in advance for your suggestion!!!

Hall of Fame Master

Each device pack or update

Each device pack or update has release notes. Make it a habit to read them.

Generally speaking you would be better served to migrate your Prime Infrastructure to the current Release (currently 3.1.3).

If you stay on 2.2 then:

1. Update to 2.2.3

2. Update that to the patch release.

3. Install the 'disable 3DES bit.

4. Install the latest device pack. They are cumulative so the earlier ones' notices will then go away.

Only install the tech packs if they have a feature you find compelling.

There is no rollback per se. If you want rollback capability, then backup or snapshot the system prior to patch / update installation.

Be sure to restart the system and verify success between every single update.

It appears your system has not been taken care of in some time. Good system maintenance would not let it get so far out of date. you should never have more than one or two updates pending.


Thanks Marvin for your

Thanks Marvin for your valuable suggestion.

Hall of Fame Master

You're welcome.

You're welcome.

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