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Cisco Prime 3.0 can't update device pack 3

Hi all,

i've an installation of Cisco Prime 3.0 update 2.

Yesterday i've downloaded the device pack 3, but when i try to install update a pop-up appear that i'm not able to install it "unsigned updates are not allowed because security requirement" (see attached picture).

I've tried to install it with different browser, but the error is the same.

Could someone tell me what i have to change and where for install this update?

Best Regards

Massimo Riboli 

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Is it actually stopping you

Is it actually stopping you it shouldn't got the same but it installed fine on my PI

Installing the Prime Infrastructure Technology Package from Cisco Site

Make sure you have completed the recommended preparation steps given in Before You Begin Installing the Prime Infrastructure 3.0 Technology Package.

Step 1 Log in to the Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 server.

Step 2 Choose Administration > Licenses and Software Updates > Software Update.

Step 3 Click Download.

Step 4 Log in with your credentials and click Show Details in Prime Add-Ons pane to view the updates.

Step 5 Click Download corresponding to the Prime Infrastructure 3.0 technology Package file name pi_technology_package-3.0.2-1.0.56.ubf.

Step 6 Once the download is complete, a warning message indicating the downloaded file as unsigned and suggesting to stop the installation process appears as shown below.

Step 7 Click OK in the warning message.

Step 8 Click Install to install the Technology Package.

The installation may take few seconds. Stay on the same page until you see the following toast notification.

Step 9 Restart the Cisco Prime Infrastructure server as explained in Restarting Prime Infrastructure in Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 Technology Package Administrator Guide to complete the installation process.

Step 10 You can verify the package installation from Prime Infrastructure Login page under Prime Add-Ons by hovering your mouse over the version and also by logging into the server and choosing Administration Licenses and Software Updates > Software Update. You should see a listing for the package in the Updates tab, with “Installed” in the Status column.


Thanks for the answer, i've

Thanks for the answer, i've read the post.

I've installed the file from my local computer, but the error is the same as my first attach.

Is there some security configuration that i can change in my browser to prevent this error ?

Best Regards

Massimo Riboli

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so you click ok and it still

so you click ok and it still wont install it ?


yes, i've foud the solution.

yes, i've foud the solution.

It's a security problem of the browser, with "EDGE", Internet Explorer 11, and the last firefox the component won't install.

I use an old IE 10 and complete the installation.

Thanks a lot to all for the answers.

Best Regards

Massimo Riboli


I'm having the same issue and


Hall of Fame Master

The "unsigned" error is a PI

The "unsigned" error is a PI cosmetic bug and should not affect your ability to install the update. 


Thanks Marvin - was slightly

Thanks Marvin - was slightly nervous about hitting the 'install' button until I found this post!


I recently had this unsigned

I recently had this unsigned error problem with both a Maintenance Release Patch in Prime, and the Device Pack update.

Apparently its an issue with how the browser downloads the file - the browser changes the extension to .zip. What makes it worse is that within the zip is actually a .ubf file and a .sig file?

To resolve, simply change the extension on the downloaded file from .zip to .ubf.

I hope this solves the problem for anyone looking at this (admittedly old) thread - this problem drove me up the wall!


Re: I recently had this unsigned

i was wondering why cisco would give out unsigned packages... this clarify's it all!
as usual I went unzipping and loaded the .ubf file without the .sig
ofc the .sig file is the certificate that the PI wants to ensure its from Cisco.
renaming the to filename.ubf did the trick like Cameronreeves said! thanks a lot for that imput.

Re: I recently had this unsigned

Thanks for this! I'm trying to write a MOP for customer on installing the DP and couldn't get it to work myself ... lol

Re: Cisco Prime 3.0 can't update device pack 3

I had this issue tonight.  Make sure to check the MD5 HASH with what is on Cisco's software page and that they match.   There are free MD5 Checks online.   That was my issue!

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