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Cisco Prime 3.9 port 8080 disable



How can i disable port 8080 on my prime version 3.9 for security reasons?


Thank you

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Step 1 

Choose Administration > System Settings.

Step 2 

From the left sidebar menu, choose Server Setting.


  - You may want to enable or disable that and other ports according to your needs.


There is only ftp and https in the menu, i cant find port 8080.


 - You may want to look at httpd.conf, through a root-shell on Prime (can be obtained with shell , after ssh-logon , followed by sudo -s . httpd.conf, can then be located with locate httpd.conf , if that command does not work run updatedb first. Any references to this port may be removed or put in comment-lines, and or restart httpd afterwards with , service httpd restart. Note however that Prime is considered to be an appliance. Inadvertedly disabling tcp service ports , may have hidden side effects leading to hampered functionality.


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