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Cisco Prime config export to a new appliance with different version


We have a Prime Infrastructure 3.9.0 appliance that we need

to transfer all the config files (network devices, config files etc.) 

to a new Prime Infrastructure 3.10 appliance.

I haven't being able to find how to do so.


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VIP Guru

Appliance backup work on same model and same version. (its not going to work  on new device with new version as per i know)


take backup appication backup

i suggest to manually configure network config on new device.

and restore application backup

and sync with device to make it work.




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 - FYI :

 >...Upgrade to Prime Infrastructure 3.10 from Prime Infrastructure 3.7.x, 3.8.x, or 3.9.x is not supported. You must take a backup of the Prime Infrastructure 3.7.x, 3.8.x, or 3.9.x server, deploy a fresh Prime Infrastructure 3.10 server, and restore that back up into the Prime Infrastructure 3.10 server.




I am still trying to make it work, here is my scenario:


When I spin the new 3.10 Prime server and I log into it I can see all the menus available, but when I restore from the 3.9 application backup, all I can see is one menu.. see attached pic 

It seems like the licenses are not transferring or should I get the new server V3.10 licensed before restoring from the V3.9 backup?


PI 3.10 after restore from application backup 3.9.png


 - Your screenshot is a bit blurred (contains various pieces) , normally licenses should get transferred too , what happens if  you only show :Administration > Licenses   (and or press on Licenses if available as a link)


Before the restore it shows the evaluation licenses and they still had some time before expiring, Now it show all licenses expired and by the date given they are the evaluation licenses from the old v3.9 server.


        - I am not sure that evaluation licenses can be transferred (successfully)


I made reference to it to point that licenses are transferring but the backup restore is not working the way its supposed to work.

Per Cisco this should be an easy process as "Do an application backup and restore on the new server from it."

but no luck so far


     - But you are not using 'effective  licenses' (?)


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