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Dawit Zeru

cisco prime infrastructure 2.2 client troubleshooting dashlet

Hi everyone,

iv'e a problen with my PI 2.2.

im using it to for lan devices only, and in the pervious version 2.1 i was able to use this option but in 2.2 its to be not working.

I'm trying to use the Client Troubleshooting Dashlet, but when I'm entering a mac address I'm getting an error mesg' that says:

"troubleshooting is not supported for wired clients connected to open switch ports"

when I verified if the mac address are exists in the PI (Monitor--> Client&Users) using a quick filter mode, I found the mac address.

can some please assist,



Ashok Kumar
Cisco Employee


Client Troubleshooting

You can begin troubleshooting several ways: by entering a MAC address on the Client dashboard, by using the search function, or by selecting a row in the Monitor > Clients and Users page. Any of these methods provides all the information necessary to troubleshoot historical client issues. You can monitor the status of the connection, verify the current and past locations of a user, and troubleshoot client connectivity problems. You might want to use the client troubleshooting option if a user experiences repeated connectivity issues. The Client Details page shows SNR over time, RSSI over time, client reassociations, client reauthentications, and any RRM events. An administrator can correlate reassociations and reauthentications and determine if the problem was with the network or client.

Note You can troubleshoot current client issues only. You cannot troubleshoot the historic client issues. However, for location assisted clients, you can find the location history.

Note The client troubleshooting feature is available for identity wired clients only. This feature is not available for non-identity wired clients.

Prime Infrastructure provides integrated management for wired and wireless devices or clients. You can monitor and troubleshoot both wired and wireless clients. SNMP is used to discover clients and collect client data. The ISE is polled periodically to collect client statistics and other attributes to populate related dashboard dashlets and reports. If the ISE is added to the systems and devices are authenticating to it, the Client Details page displays security information.

- Ashok


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Hi Ashok,


thanks for your quick response.


from what I'm understanding, I can use Client Troubleshooting Dashlet (Path--> Dashboard--> OverView --> Client) to monitor current client issue. so why it's not working?

when i try to use it I'm getting this error message "troubleshooting is not supported for wired clients connected to open switch ports".

I took an existing MAC address, I even verify it under Monitor--> Client and Users for exists but it's not working.




to bring this Topic up again we face the same issue.

Is there any Workaround how to solve it ?


Best regards,