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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0.2 - Audit Status Mismatch


Hopefully someone can help me understanding how this tool works, as it's completely undocumented by Cisco.

Here's the scenario.

You go go "Inventory->Device Management->Network Devices-> Wireless Controller.

Then you sort them on "Audit status mismatch".

Select any controller device and click "configure->audit now".

After the audit is done, you get these options that are really undocumented what they do:

Now the problem is that in this case, since the system has been down for a couple of days, engineers have been doing changes on the WLC's themselves not on any templates or from Prime. So the logic is to NOT push down values from prime to the controllers.

What I want to achieve is the reverse, to pull the configurations from the Controllers and have Prime audit them as "the valid working configuration".

So this is the information you get when you click "refresh config from controller" and it's extremely unclear what this warning message means:

Configuration Change
This operation will Retain template associations from configuration objects in the database, and retain templates for this controller from associated config groups.
Configuration objects in the database are automatically refreshed. After refresh you might see a mismatch between the template and the controller configuration.

What exactly does that mean?

Does it update the templates or just downloads the configuration from the WLC?

For now, no engineers are allowed to use prime until this has been sorted out. Since in 2.2 it used to update the templates and told prime to actually use the configuration pulled from the WLC's themselves. I am not sure about this message at all!

Thanks in advance.


Guess nobody knows?

Guess nobody knows?

I am horrified over the CPI documentation and the operation headaches it causes :(.

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