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Cisco Prime LMS 4.2 install issue - vmware

Hello everyone,

I am having an strange install issue with my LMS 4.2 on vmware.

The installation is running fine. There is no major error messages during the install.

After the installation i am getting a "localhost username:" instead of a "setup" prompt. When I write setup for username the system is prompting

me for password. Password recovery is also not working. When I am running password recovery from the ISO image i am getting an error message (see attached file).

Has anyone run into the same issue before?

Thanks in advance,




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From the screenshot, the

From the screenshot, the system doesn't seem to have installed properly at all.

Please tell us how you are deploying - such as the ESX version, the ova files you are using,  steps you followed to get to where you are, etc.


Hi Marvin,thanks for your

Hi Marvin,

thanks for your quick message !!!

I am running ESXi 5.0 and trying to install LMS 4.2 with ISO image.

I have to tell its not the first time i am insalling LMS, but the first time i am running into this issue : (

RAM: 8Gb, HDD: 256GB, LSI Logic SAS

binding the ISO image to CD and booting from the CD ... after install i am getting login prompt for username password instead of setup prompt.

Do you need more input?



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I thought the ISO image is

I thought the ISO image is generally used to install / recover on a Cisco physical appliance or UCS server. For installation on VMWare, I've always used the OVA file (2 parts that need to be joined after download) and deploy via vCenter. Reference.

That said, the installation guide says you can use it the way you are doing but I haven't had any experience with that method. From your output it appears to be booting right into the OS without entering setup. You should have been presented with that only as Option #3 (after #1 Setup or #2 Recover Password)

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