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cisco prime LMS - Can it recommend IOS etc

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hi all

Im looking into LMS for network management, particulary my network device patch management. Can anyone tell me if the prime LMS system can automatically deploy new IOS to my devices, and also can it do a scan and recommend IOS updates to me for my devices (compliance)



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Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unfortunately this isn't an available option in LMS. It is not a good practice in General to empower a NMS to decide and upgrade the devices if it finds a new software in

Mostly enterprises needs change management and have to analyse new IOS's/Softwares before deploying in production enviroment. Some Organisations stay on older IOS's because of some specific features and bug's in newer versions.

Also, a few enterprises run some custom engineered sofwares which doesn't needs to be upgraded at all.

Though, LMS can perform an upgrade analysis before upgrading. Upgrade Analysis option is used to analyze images in your software repository or in to determine the impact and prerequisites for a new software deployment.

The option produces the Upgrade Analysis report, which shows the required boot ROM, Flash memory, RAM, and access.

This option helps you answer such questions as:

•Does the device have sufficient RAM to hold the new software?

•Have the minimum ROM version requirements been met?

•Is the Flash memory large enough to hold the new software?

•Do I need to add Telnet access information for the device to the Device and Credential Repository?

•Does the module firmware on my IPX/IGX/BPX devices need to be upgraded?

For more details check :


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