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Cisco Prime NCS 1.2 Harware Appliance Problem


we are trying to install Prime NCS hardware  Appliance  for fist time, but during starting ncs service it gives an error writen below.

isco-Prime-NCS/admin# ncs start

Purging PurgeSAMPollerRecods

{Fri Jun 21 08:28:03 UTC 2013} ===================================================

{Fri Jun 21 08:28:03 UTC 2013} =========Issuing dbadmin -v start=================

{Fri Jun 21 08:28:14 UTC 2013} =======executing delete sql script sam_poller_jobs_cleanup.sql====

{Fri Jun 21 08:28:15 UTC 2013} ==========Issuing dbadmin -v stop=================

{Fri Jun 21 08:28:27 UTC 2013} ===================================================

Completed purging SAMPoller Records

As first time is not present - removing .dbCreated

Starting Network Control System...

Unable to verify hardware.

This may take a few minutes...

and it didn't continue, I need help


I reboot NCS server then it gives an error:

Failure during Network Control System startup.  Check launchout.log for details.

What should I do.


in fact i have the same problem

THIS-NCS01/admin# ncs start

As first time is not present - removing .dbCreated

Starting Network Control System...

Unable to verify hardware.

This may take a few minutes...

then i get startup with Error.

This is brand new box. did you get to the bottom of it?

Cisco Employee

Mehmet Kilic:

The SAM Poller records issue is not the root of the problem.  That's a red herring, and internal bugs

CSCue91439    sam_poller_cleanup script should be removed has been filed to have that verbiage  and 

CSCue60860    ncs start displays debug messages which are unnecessary   have been filed to have those messages hidden. 

The "As first time is not present - removing .dbCreated" message indicates that there is no database present, and that the necessary Oracle scripts to create a database and the necessary tables have to run. 

If this is an appliance, shipped from a factory with a hard drive that has magnetic representations of 0 and 1 on it, it's entirely possible something happened to something to the data in transit.  When in doubt, it's easy enough to download the .ISO (NCS-APL-, burn it to a Dual Layer DVD (in a Dual Layer DVD burner) and reimage the appliance.  That puts everything back to square one and completely rules out the possibility of anything being corrupted. 


Hi Rollin,

    Here is my situation:

    My client has purchased the NCS appliance to manage WLC and other APs. However, after upgrading the IOS of WLC, the NCS appliance couldn't manage the WLC. So when we knew the NCS can directly upgrade to PI 1.3, we have done it successfully. That sounds greate and everything goes well. A few weeks ago, my client said that they couldn't use the PI. And then we found the drives(0 and 1) couldn't work and saw the bad status of them from appliance webios. So we claimed RMA from Cisco, then we downloaded the .ISO(NCS-APL- and burned into DVD(D9, 8.5G) to reinstall the OS. Then installing it, we got an error message as the below attachment. I have tried to burn the ISO into another DVD, it yet can't work. I made sure the the ISO is correct and entire, the process of buring DVD is also correct. So is it necessary to find the old NCS appliance ISO file to burn and then upgrade to PI? If so, there is no more about physical iso link to donwload in Cisco website, just virtual ova files. Pls for you advices, thx in advance!



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