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Cisco Prime - Primary Failover [updated]


Hi all,

We have a Prime Infrastructure 3.3 HA Cluster (automatic failover type) with the following problem:

In the Health Monitor of the Primary server we get Status "WARNING" and see:
State "Primary Failover" and message: "The primary failed and hence a failover started on Primary detects
secondary in active & restart primary process in standby mode." (see screenshot below)

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-10 at 17.49.47.jpeg

After we try to reload Primary server or try to use ncs stop/start we get no results.

Please, help to find out the solution of the problem.

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 - What do you mean by 'no results' ?




It means that “Primary Failover” error is still displayed and Prime services failed and could not be restarted. (as it showed on the screenshot)


 - Remove the HA-configuration from both members and configure it again afterwards.


@marce1000, I can't remove the HA-configuration, because when I try to use the "ncs ha remove" command, I get the error message: "HA removal cannot be done when Primary server is not in Active state"


The current states of our servers: Secondary Active, Primary Syncing.


And I can't trigger Failback, because some services are "stopped" on the Primary server.


Please help to find the solution.


 -Re-install the Primary, and restore from backup. Then try the HA-setup again.


Is there any way to fix it without reinstalling the Primary?

Probably not.

@marce1000, how to perfom re-installation process correctly?


@marce1000, can you help with an answer here?

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