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cisco prime : ssh and console access wanted

Cisco prime 1.2 : (virtual appliance).


   - I have web access to cisco prime, yet administrative accounts are  blocked , for ssh and or console access (access denied).

     What do I need to change, to be able to connect via SSH and or the console, too ?



I have exactly the same problem on 1.3. No more SSH access, not even for the root user.

login as: root

Access denied

root@prime's password:

Access denied

login as: myusername

Access denied

myusername@prime's password:

Access denied

myusername@prime's password:

Unless you specifically created a user named "root" or "myusername" during initial (or subsequent) setup, the default user name created is "admin".

SSH access works fine on my PI 1.3 installation:

PrimeNCS/admin# sh user

USERNAME         ROLE   HOST                     TTY      LOGIN DATETIME           

admin            Admin           pts/0    Fri Apr 12 05:34:44 2013

PrimeNCS/admin# sh ver

Cisco Application Deployment Engine OS Release: 2.0

ADE-OS Build Version:

ADE-OS System Architecture: x86_64

Copyright (c) 2005-2010 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

All rights reserved.

Hostname: PrimeNCS

Version information of installed applications


Cisco Prime Network Control System


Version :


> I have exactly the same problem....

- Marvin's answer is correct, root does not exist, per default, for instance. There is only 'admin' on an initial

installation, so to speak. That being said, recovering the admin-pw requires booting from the ISO DVD containing

your current prime version, and choosing the option to reset this password in the boot menu.

Afterwards, and through cumbersome experience I found it wise to no longer use the password locking

features in the running config; especially :

                            (config-password-policy) # no password-lock-enabled



I have upgraded from WCS to NCS, Prime 1.2 and then to 1.3... This is a virtual appliance.

Before and during the upgrade process, I could log in with the root account via SSH.

There is no "admin" account (at least not in the user control panel) and there was no user creation during the install.

We have multiple other user accounts with full privilege and none gets through. HTTPS works fine.

edit: the OVA file's initial config was done by someone from the server team.

According to the procedure the username is created in that phase, so I hope he has it.

edit n° 2: problem resolved...