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cisco WS-C6509-E OID for Virtual Switching System

The OID I am using  for module index 6509-E family is not working on 6509 Virtual Switching System(VSS).I have used "" for single 6509-E configuration. is anyone know OID for module index on VSS environment. Thanks, Paul


anyone has any solution for this question.

VSS does not support the use of the CISCO-STACK-MIB for returning the information you seek. You would likely have to revert to using the

entPhysicalDescr / . or entPhysicalName / and indexing from the Entity-Mib.

Partial Tree from the ENTITY-MIB:


+--entPhysicalEntry(1) detail


   +-- ---- Integer   entPhysicalIndex(1)

   |        Textual Convention: PhysicalIndex

   |        Range: 1..2147483647

   +-- -R-- String    entPhysicalDescr(2)

   |        Textual Convention: SnmpAdminString

   |        Size: 0..255

   +-- -R-- ObjID     entPhysicalVendorType(3)

   |        Textual Convention: AutonomousType

   +-- -R-- Integer   entPhysicalContainedIn(4)

   |        Range: 0..2147483647

   +-- -R-- EnumVal   entPhysicalClass(5)

   |        Textual Convention: PhysicalClass

   |        Values: other(1), unknown(2), chassis(3), backplane(4), container(5), powerSupply(6), fan(7), sensor(8), module(9), port(10), stack(11)

   +-- -R-- Integer   entPhysicalParentRelPos(6)

   |        Range: -1..2147483647

   +-- -R-- String    entPhysicalName(7)

   |        Textual Convention: SnmpAdminString

   |        Size: 0..255

Then you can use that

same index to relate cefcModuleTable (CISCO-ENTITY-FRU-CONTROL-MIB) for module specific information such as status, etc. Partial tree view from that MIB:


+--cefcModuleTable(1) detail


   +--cefcModuleEntry(1) detail

   |  |

   |  +-- -RW- EnumVal   cefcModuleAdminStatus(1)

   |  |        Textual Convention: ModuleAdminType

   |  |        Values: enabled(1), disabled(2), reset(3), outOfServiceAdmin(4)

   |  +-- -R-- EnumVal   cefcModuleOperStatus(2)

   |  |        Textual Convention: ModuleOperType

   |  |        Values: unknown(1), ok(2), disabled(3), okButDiagFailed(4), boot(5), selfTest(6), failed(7), missing(8), mismatchWithParent(9), mismatchConfig(10), diagFailed(11), dormant(12), outOfServiceAdmin(13), outOfServiceEnvTemp(14), poweredDown(15), poweredUp(16), powerDenied(17), powerCycled(18), okButPowerOverWarning(19), okButPowerOverCritical(20), syncInProgress(21)

   |  +-- -R-- EnumVal   cefcModuleResetReason(3)

   |  |        Textual Convention: ModuleResetReasonType

   |  |        Values: unknown(1), powerUp(2), parityError(3), clearConfigReset(4), manualReset(5), watchDogTimeoutReset(6), resourceOverflowReset(7), missingTaskReset(8), lowVoltageReset(9), controllerReset(10), systemReset(11), switchoverReset(12), upgradeReset(13), downgradeReset(14), cacheErrorReset(15), deviceDriverReset(16), softwareExceptionReset(17), restoreConfigReset(18), abortRevReset(19), burnBootReset(20), standbyCdHealthierReset(21), nonNativeConfigClearReset(22), memoryProtectionErrorReset(23)

   |  +-- -R-- Timeticks cefcModuleStatusLastChangeTime(4)

   |  |        Textual Convention: TimeStamp

   |  +-- -R-- Timeticks cefcModuleLastClearConfigTime(5)

   |  |        Textual Convention: TimeStamp

   |  +-- -R-- String    cefcModuleResetReasonDescription(6)

   |  |        Textual Convention: DisplayString

   |  |        Size: 0..255

   |  +-- -R-- String    cefcModuleStateChangeReasonDescr(7)

   |  |        Textual Convention: DisplayString

   |  |        Size: 0..255

   |  +-- -R-- UInteger  cefcModuleUpTime(8)

   |  |        Textual Convention: FRUTimeSeconds

Hope that helps,


thank you so very much for your response. would you mind if you can give me an example. my understanding is i have to include this mib on the script to get index? I am actually looking for a serial number of each module. each chassis currently has 9 module which is total 18. so i need a serial number of all 18 modules. can I get that by using your method? thanks again!

Can you get me the output from the following:

snmpwalk -v2c -c .

You can send that directly to my email address at



thanks Cary, I have sent you the snmp out put via email. Eli