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CiscoWorks and NTP, please respond asap


Does CiscoWorks have any kind of NTP capabilities? What I would like to do is point all my switches to the CWS to keep things centralized, while pointing the CWS itself to my NTP server. Is this feasible or just bad news all around (if it's even possible)?

Any responses about this are appreciated, thanks.


Edit: Sorry for the double-post

Craig Balfour

As far as I know, Cisco Works cannot act as a NTP server.

However, you can configure the server running Cisco Works as an NTP server by installing and configuring a third party NTP server. The Solaris 9 platform on which we run Cisco Works includes xntpd, a Network Time Protcol daemon. You might be able to find a third party NTP service for the Windows platform as well, if you run your CiscoWorks in that platform.

I think you should consider what benefits you hope to gain by running your NTP service on your Cisco Works platform.

In our organisation, NTP is considered core network infrastructure and runs on our network infrastructure switches (such as our core Catalyst 6500's) and servers. These platforms are highly redundant and distributed across our network which allows us to provide a highly reliable NTP service. Our CiscoWorks runs on our network management stations which, while important to our network, are less critical than the infrastructure itself and therefore run on less redundant hardware.

I think a reliable and highly available platform is a far more important consideration than a central one when it comes to NTP.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I had actually made a double-post (second thread) about this and it was resolved a few days ago.

I did end up installing the meinberg ntp for windows and managed to get it working properly.

The CiscoWorks server isn't actually the primary ntp server. We have a reliable setup for it - I just wanted all my switches pointing to the ciscoworks server so that I could manage everything about the switches a little easier (ie, if the ntp server is upgraded/changed I just have to change the IP to point to on CWS, not all of the switches).