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Ciscoworks LMS 4.0 Veritas versus VMWare HA

We currently have a standalone setup of LMS 3.2 as a virtual instance using VMWare. The requirement is to upgrade it to LMS 4.0 and have it in a clustered setup. On checking the Cisco install guide, I suppose Veritas and VMWare appears to be the 2 ways of going about it. I had the following queries:

- Can Veritas be used for high availability for the vm instances as well or is the VMWare HA solution the only way of going about it? If both approaches are available, which is the recommended approach?

- I have worked with the VMWare hosts but not really with the VCenter Server and vSphere Client. Is this a straightforward setup? Apart from the install guide, is there any detailed documentation on how to set this up?

- Is it advisable to setup the cluster before upgrading to LMS 4.0?

- LMS needs to be integrated with Cisco ACS in the clustered setup. I am assuming this shouldnt be an issue after the clustered setup

- Does Cisco support the LMS setup in a VMWare HA setup. Hence, if we have any issues with the HA setup, can we raise support requests with Cisco?

Thanks in advance,

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