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CNR 5.0.6 I/O bound

I'm still running CNR 5.0.6 on a Sun Ultra 10 with 320 meg RAM and 18 gig of disk and Solaris 6. (I know, it's really old and I need to upgrade it.) We're running well within the "small to medium" network size range as far as number of hosts and leases goes, but according to 'top' the machine seems to be at iowait more than 90% of the time. If I stop CNR 'top' shows 99% idle. So I know it's something CNR is doing, but I can't figure out what.

I've run the database consistency checks and shutdown all the unneeded services, but it hasn't changed the stats.

We're also experiencing periods of time when the dns server just doesn't respond to requests. Also the management GUI is so slow most of the time that it's nearly unusable. Even nrcmd takes minutes to execute a 'server dhcp get version' command.

I've searched the documentation but haven't been able to find any reference to any sort of performance tuning that might help with this problem.

I intend to upgrade to CNR6 in the next couple months, but I have to wait for the new hardware to show up before I can start the upgrade, and I need to get this thing stabilized now.

Anyone have ideas?


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Re: CNR 5.0.6 I/O bound

As you mentioned you will have to upgrade to the latest version since you are running an extremely old version. To provide you with a temporary solution you may try clearing all the unwanted configurations on the device. Even this may slow down the performance of the devices.

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