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configuring many cisco routers

is there any way to update/configure 100 cisco 1900 series routers using tools or script.

most of the time i need to add in new object group and new access lists or add new IP address into object groups

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- You could have a look into Cisco Prime, a network management tool. Prime offers more then that, it includes flexible software upgrading, automatic configuration archiving, dashboard overview for performance , flexible alarming solutions, etc.


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In addition to Cisco Prime Infrastructure there are several other NMS (Network Management System) tools that can do this. SolarWinds NCM or Network Configuration Manager (recently in the press due to a supply chain hack but that's now fixed) is one that is very good at doing what you ask. I believe What's Up Gold and ManageEngine products also offer a configuration management module although I haven't worked with them.

Of course almost anything can be scripted; but you may have a steep learning curve and have to spend more time and effort that you have available to you to get to where a commercial tool can get you in a matter of days after purchasing it.

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Hi there,

It's always good to get a spread of opinions and I'd say from personal experience of using Prime for several years over several versions avoid it like the plague, incredibly expensive for something that is incredibly broken. Perhaps it has been rewritten from the ground up in recent versions and that is what @marce1000 and @Marvin Rhoads are describing?! See if you can secure a demo before walking down that path!!

I'd recommend spending some time looking into Ansible for this type of work. If you work in a fairly large ops team with server admins then there is a good chance of an instance being available to use.

Take a look here to get a feel of how ACLs are managed and how these playbooks can easily be woven into a CI/CD workflow.




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