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Core switches experience High CPU while generating syslog report from LMS


Hi Everyone,

Are there anyone who experience that the CPU utilization of some devices went up while generating a report from RME. Basing from other monitoring tool SNMP is taking up a huge cpu process. Any idea why this happened considering that the report is generated daily but only on one instance it caused the core switches to be paralyze due to high cpu. Changing the SNMP community string is the immediate action that resolve the issue to disconnect it from LMS.

BTW, this is LMS 2.6.

Thank you.

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What RME report are you running?  They are mainly offline reports in terms of device access.  That is, they only operate on data already

in the RME database.  What process is taking up the most CPU on the devices?  When the CPU is spiking, capture the output of "show stack PID" where PID is the process ID of the process taking up the most CPU.  Post this output as well as the show ver.

The problem did not reoccurred any more. When I checked on the Syslogcollector.log it appeared that it is unable to subscribe. I assumed that the reason why snmp packets were flooded during the time that it they experience high cpu is because the client is generating syslog report for all devices while the syslog collector is not subscribe. Is this possible?


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