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Correct cable/adapter for console server

I have recently acquired an Equinox CCM1640 to use as a console server to manage multiple Cisco devices. This will allow me to telnet (or SSH) to a port on the CCM and it connects you to the Cisco device connected on that port.

I am trying to find the correct cable or adapter I need to use. Or, a definitive answer on how to make my own cables.

I will be connecting the RS232 ports to Cisco Catalyst switches and Cisco 800 series routers, all have RJ45 console ports and all use the Cisco "blue" RJ 45 to 9-pin cable with a USB adapter for laptop..

I have asked around and googled until my brain is fried..  I can't get a definitive answer..  The RS232 ports on the CCM are as follows:

  • 8 ---> CTS
  • 7 ---> DTR
  • 6 ---> GND
  • 5 ---> TxD
  • 4 ---> RxD
  • 3 ---> DCD
  • 2 ---> DSR
  • 1 ---> RTS

I thought it would be an easy thing to just google the model and a million results would pop up with exactly what I needed.. but no such luck.  I also get info overload when just trying to get the Cisco console port pin out, and even if I had it I am not sure which pin on the Cisco port would need to connect to which pin on the CCM.. I never was good at making my own cables, especially serial..  I have enough trouble with a cross-over lol!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

*EDIT:  I think I have figured out all I need is the blue RJ45 to RJ45 Cisco rollover cable..

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