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Bipin Kapoor
Cisco Employee

Cost of Prime Infrastructure 1.2 upgrade to 2.0

A customer is willing to buy the following Prime 1.2 configuration:






They want to know if by buying the following SKUs, they will be able to updgrade via the PUT tool to the 2.0 with no additional cost:




Bipin Kapoor
Cisco Employee

Yes, SASU/SAU covers major upgrades free of charge.

Are you sure about this? I own SAS/SAU coverage and always had to pay for major upgrades. My understanding is that SAS/SAU coverage provides you minor upgrades only and that you can go from 4.1 to 4.2 but you have to pay for 4.2 to 5.0.

You are correct that you used to not have the option of a support contract-based entitlement for major release upgrades of the LMS product. Cisco has changed the support contract offerings with PI 1.2 / LMS 4.2 and later. Please refer to the ordering and licensing guide here which states:

CiscoWorks LMS 2.x/3.x and Cisco Prime LMS 4.0 and 4.1 were offered only with Cisco Software Application Support (SAS). When upgrading to Cisco Prime LMS 4.2 through Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 you can continue with your existing SAS contract for LMS. If you have an LMS 4.x release covered under an SAS contract you are entitled to this and future Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.x releases at no charge. You also have the option of canceling your existing SAS contract on LMS, obtaining credit for the balance, and purchasing a new SASU contract for Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2, which entitles you to free minor and major release upgrades to Cisco Prime Infrastructure.


     Thank you for the clarification. It's nice to know that Cisco thought of this when they introduced the product.

Good to know this, Thanks.

Hello Marvin,


Hello Marvin I need to add –on license for this system 1.2 exist, but I Want to migrate this license to Prime 2.0 , if this SAU is not active for this order, can I do import this license 1.2 to  new license 2.0 system?


In another Words.


This SO# are not active.


I going to purchase New license that include SAU for upgrade. I want install system 2.0 with new license, my doubt are can to add this SO# at new system or import this license a new sytem?



If you're a partner, please refer to the PI BOM builder tool (spreadsheet) in the partner community.

Generally one would add SAU on the existing installation (and any necessary additional licenses if the managed number of devices is expanding) as that is less expensive than buying an entirely new license.

A PI 1.2 license will generally work with a PI 2.0/2.1 installation. That's true for Base and Lifecycle - NOT Assurance. Assurance licenses need to be re-issued for 2.0 as the Assurance licensing changed from per-interface to per-device.

Mat Barry

Where is Prime Inf 2.0?   Has it released yet?

Not yet. I heard rumors of later this year, but that could mean anything.

It's not released yet. Projected for June 2013 timeframe but subject to change.

You can preview the target feature set here.



Prime Infrastructure 2.0 was released on 3rd September 2013. A customer currently have 2,500 Cisco Prime Infrastructure Lifecycle device license using Prime Infrastructure version 1.2.

Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade to version 2.0 without additional cost?