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CPU Utilization - Netflow v9 or Flexible?


Hello all. 

I've been using mostly Traditional Netflow with a test config of Flexible Netflow in my environment. I had made the mistake outlined in this article and so was about to correct it, when I though of moving all 1941 routers over to Flexible Netflow. Before proceeding, I looked for the cons associated with Netflow and I found a couple warnings about possible high CPU utilization, largely saying the more traffic that's looked at means more CPU cycles needed for Netflow. That makes sense to me, so my question is what has the community observed in their time with Netflow? Is it worth it to move to FNF if it stands to cause more resource usage? (I saw some pretty big numbers in some of those stories.)

Also, I'm just familiarizing myself with the "show processes cpu {history | sort}" command so if anyone would like to help me understand the results of that, I'd truly appreciate it. I'll be doing my own reading in parallel in order to be able to test Netflow and see for myself how detrimental it can be.


PS. What process does Netflow fall under under the command results?

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