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Data collection failing

LMS 4.1 W2k8 R2

I recently installed 17 stacks of 3560V2 switches at a site and added them to LMS4.1.  What I have found is that data collection is failing for all but the top switch in the stack.  In other workds, in some cabinets I may have 4 switches connected back to a 6500 core.  Data collection succeeds for only the switch connected to the core.  UT info is not collected for the switches that fail data collection.

If I go to the device status dashboard I see that I have data collection succeeding for 56 devices and failing for 96 devices.  For the devices that fail some are listed as unreachable and others as never-reachable.  In either case, the following is suggested as a resolution:

Verify the following :

1. Device is reachable using ping.

2. Verify that DCR is configured with correct credentials for the device.

These devices are reachable.  Inventory collection is succeeding.  If I test reachability in device center I get successes across the board - even for SSH, though no username is specified in DCR so I can't see how that works.

The 17 stacks I just installed are configured as clusters in those cabinets that have more than 1 switch.  However, they are not managed as clusters by LMS.  They all have IP addresses.  I just use clustering to facilitate bouncing around a stack from a telnet command line.

I deleted one of these switches and re-added.  Now ping, HTTP, SSHv1 & v2 succeed in device center - but everything else fails.  When I run a credential verification job on this switch it reports SNMP read and write success, telnet & enable success, and SSH "no value to test".  The credential verification results are as I would expect.

I am at a loss at this point.  How do I troubleshoot the data collection issue?



I found the answer to my particular problem here:

Campus Manager and cluster-member switches

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