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Data collection / UT tracking problems with CM 5.1.4

Level 1
Level 1

We recently upgraded to CM 5.1.4 and DFM 3.1.3 and now have problems with data collection in Campus Manager and with acquisitions in User Tracking. Scheduled data collection and immediate data collection no longer runs. When trying to run a UT acquisition manually I get the following error:

Failed to start acquisition: Construction of XML data required for UT is in progress. Please try after some time.

When scheduling a CM data collection it is not shown in the CM job browser and seems to be ignored. When performing an immediate data collection I get the follwong error:

Server is not updated as Data collection is already in progress.

Data collection shows: idle in Campus Manager but shows: running in Topology view. The last data collection ran on 1-14, the day we upgraded CM and DFM. This is also the last day a major UT acquisition completed. Minor acquisition seem to run and complete ok. I work at a Govt installation and sadly can't attach any loig files. Any helpful ideas would be much appreciated, though.

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Sven Hruza
Level 4
Level 4


in another thread Joe gave me information about Bug CSCtd49439 and I think that could be your problem.

Thanks - I got the required patch and it's fixed.