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Dear Prime Infrastructure, Please stop being awful

I'm trying to figure out how to push out the "Trap Receiver" CLI configuration template to a single lab switch.  I went to:


Configuration Tasks -> Templates -> CLI Templates -> System Templates - CLI -> Trap Receiver

1.) I checked the checkbox next to "Trap Receiver" and click on the "Deploy" icon.

2.) A "Template Deployment- Prepare and schedule : Trap Receiver" dialog box appeared.

3.) I expanded the "All" group and located the one switch on which I wanted PI to push the configuration.

4.) I checked that device.

5.) I went to the "Value Assignment" section.

6.) I entered an IP address in the "IP Address" field

7.) I entered a community string in the "Community String" field.

NOTE: These are the only mandatory fields.

8.) I clicked "Apply" to apply the text I placed into those mandatory fields.

9.) Then I clicked "OK" to submit the job.

At no time did I receive anything but green popup bubbles telling me that it accepted my actions.

The job failed.

Here is what it says about the job:


"Error : Command returned an error : snmp-server host traps version <redacted> udp-port ^ % Invalid input detected at '^' marker. pocwfc-4550-dsw1(config_#"


I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a programming genius but I can read code and pseudo code when I need to.

Here's the code behind the configuration task:

#if($notification-type)                               <- I didn't have anything here because it wasn't required
    snmp-server enable traps $notification-type       <- So this should not happen
    snmp-server enable traps                          <- This is what should have been entered in the job

#if($version)                                         <- I didn't have anything here, either (again, because it wasn't required)
       #if($notification-type)                        <- So this code should not get evaluated
               snmp-server host $ip_address traps version $version $com_string udp-port $port_no $notification-type
            snmp-server host $ip_address traps version $version $com_string $notification-type
               snmp-server host $ip_address traps version $version $com_string udp-port $port_no
             snmp-server host $ip_address traps version $version $com_string

#else                                                      <- Instead, this code should get evaluated
       snmp-server host $ip_address traps $com_string      <- This should have happened

       #if($notification-type)                             <- Didn't have this but thanks for checking again
                                                           <- Nothing in this section should happen           
               snmp-server host $ip_address traps  $com_string udp-port $port_no $notification-type
            snmp-server host $ip_address traps  $com_string $notification-type
       #else                                      <- Instead, this should have happened
          #if($port_no)                           <- But I didn't specify this so this whole section gets skipped
               snmp-server host $ip_address traps $com_string udp-port $port_no  <- Should not happen!!!!



#if($timeout)                                      <-Didn't specify this either
       snmp-server trap-timeout $timeout   <- So this should be skipped

#if($length)                                        <-Same with this
       snmp-server queue-length $length

#if($inform)                                        <-Same with this entire thing.
       snmp-server inform
                 snmp-server inform retries $inform_retries
                 snmp-server inform timeout $inform_timeout
                 snmp-server inform pending $inform_pending

Working with PI is exhausting.  Just because I'm a glutton for punishment, I submitted the job a second time and this time I included 162 as the port and 2c as the version (although I should not have to do that).  It managed to enter the "snmp-server host" command but then failed with a cause of "Error : Command returned an error : snmp-server trap-timeout % Incomplete command. pocwfc-3550-dsw1(config)#".  What am I missing here?  Is there a checkbox under Adminstration -> System Settings that makes this work?  Is it suppose to suck by default?

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