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David Pelna

Devices no longer appearing in LMS 4.0 inventory

The Cisco 2821 ISR's in our environment are listed under device management (Inventory>Device Administration>Add/Import/Manage Devices), but do not appear in the menus for inventory collection, archive synch, or netconfig. All are running IOS. No other routers or switches in the environment are displaying this symptom in LMS.  Any suggestions for a fix or for identifying root cause are welcome.



Take a look at Inventory > Device Administration > Device Allocation Policy.  Is the box "Enable Auto Mode" checked?

Thanks for the tip, but Auto mode is already enabled for all devices.

How were these devices added?  You can uncheck auto allocation, click Apply.  Then re-check and click Apply.  Does the behavior change?  Or perhaps you could try deleting a device and re-adding it to verify it populates throughout the application.

Adding Managed Devices

If you do not configure the Device Policy Management using Inventory > Device Administration >  Device Allocation Policy, you can manually add managed devices.

You can select a device from the device selector, which shows only the unmanaged devices, and add it  as a managed device. To do this select Inventory > Device Administration > Add as Managed Devices.

If you neither configure the Device Policy Management nor manually add managed devices, devices will  not be automatically managed in LMS, in spite of adding the devices in DCR, using Inventory > Device  Administration > Add / Import / Manage Devices > Add, and discovering them using Inventory >  Device Administration > Discovery > Launch / Summary.

The device allocation policy was set to auto for all devices, and deleting and re-adding has no effect. All devices were added through network discovery. I will post the results of the Cisco TAC case when a root cause is identified.

David Pelna

Upgrade to 4.0.1 and applying patches that Cisco TAC recommended did not correct the issue. Root cause still unknown.

We rebuilt the system, reinstalled the application with the original configuration and that corrected the problem.

Thanks to all who provided suggestions.