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DFM 3.2.0: alerts showing IP addresses not device names

Trying to get to the bottom of why  some DFM alerts show the alerting device as an IP address instead of the name.

From what I can see the devices that do this are not listed in DFM Known Devices even though the Object Finder applet and Device Center both show the devices as being managed by DFM.  DFM is set to auto populate from the DCR

At first I got to thinking that the problem was caused by the device's snmp trap source IP address not being the same as the managed address in LMS / DNS /ACS. But I have since found that there are some layer2 only switches in there that have only one IP address. I have also checked a few with ""  and all looks good.

What would cause this in DFM?

Thanks, Graeme


There are a couple of actions you can try:

1. In RME, go under Administration -> Inventory -> Export to File. Export your inventory to a file.
Edit the file and modify the name of the devices so that each one has its FQDN (don't forget the
trailing "."). Then, in DFM, import from seed file, using the modified file as the seed.

2. In RME you can go under Administration -> Inventory -> Change Device Attributes and complete the
device name with its FQDN. Then you have to resynchronize the DFM inventory again with RME.




thanks for taking the time to respond. However, my problem is specific to DFM only.

The DCR shows the name for these devices correctly - as do all the other apps EXCEPT for DFM.

Re your suggestions

in RME>Admin>Inventory I don't have menus for Export to File or Change Device Attributes

and in DFM I don't see any way of importing into DFM from a file. The manual import requires the use of the device selector.

Possibly different versions?  I'm referring to LMS 3.2

thanks, Graeme



I had the same problem and its basically because of no reverse DNS  entry available for the device ip address

DFM try to do reverse DNS lookup for all devices imported from DCR. You can see the devicename in the DFM DCR list, before you import them for device management. But once they are imported DCR , DFM does reverse DNS lookup and if any device doesn't have reverse DNS entry then DFM adds that device with its IP address as hostname. Its the natural behavious of DFM. So first fix the reverse DNS entry fro all those devices and try.

Probably once you fixed the reverse dns, then you may have to delete the device from DCR list and then add it again to see the device being managed with the hostname



As I said, all the devices in the DCR are fine, all have names that have already been reverse resolved - and completes without error  This problem is just in DFM.

I get alerts for this handful of devices by IP address, but they are not listed in the  DFM device selector. So I can't delete them or rediscover them.

I've tried switching to manual allocation, removing all devices in the device selector then switching back to auto but no change. DFM is still hiding these devices for some reason.

Time for TAC I think...

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