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DFM: High Severity Alerts / Events Summary problem

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we have two stand-alone LMS 3.1 boxes running Solaris 10 which are identically configured. Both recently began to have issues with the DFM. When refreshing the DFM window manually we see the following for the High Severity Alerts:

High Severity Alerts

An exception occurred. Please check the AAD.log file for further details.

This is always followed ~45 seconds later by a normal refresh of the HSA portlet showing the High Severity alerts.

When this occurs we also notice this problem:

DFM Events Summary

Cannot retrieve Device Summary, Please see the DeviceManagement.log file for more information.

This behavior is observed on both servers. The issue below, however, is only seen on one of them.

The DFM Events Summary portlet shows this when the above error isn't present:

DFM Events Summary

No Devices are encountered with Critical Events.

There are Critical Events in the history for this server and they are shown in the High Severity Alerts portlet. When setting up the DFM Events Summary portlet to use identified critcal events (ie. HighUtilization, OperationallyDown, Flappeing etc) the portlet will always show a count of '0' for any and all selected events.

We also noticed that the numbers in the CS Device Allocation Summary and the known hosts in DFM were off by one (555 vs 552, respectively). The identified host was removed from CS and manually re-added. However, the known hosts in DFM after rediscovery still only show 552. Don't know if these two issues are related but I thought I'd mention it since it needs to be fixed, as well

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

= Uwe =

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One addition to this. Just noticed that the server having trouble displaying the Events Summary also won't run DFMCTMStartup. When starting it either from CLI with pdexec or from the GUI the process will only run for 1 second before it gets shut down with state: "Administrator has shut down this server".