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DHCP on IE 3000

I'm trying to configure DHCP on some Industrial Ethernet (IE) 3000 switches.  I am using the port-based DHCP option to assign specific interfaces to a specific IP address.  I would also like to be able to assign dynamic addresses to a single 'programming port', which during the construction of our conveyor system might have an unmanaged switch connected to this port to allow multiple programmers to work simultaneously.  I haven't been able to figure out a way to accomplish both the port-based reserved addresses while dynamically assigning a block of 15 addresses at the end of the Class C segment.



Interface F1/1 assigned address

Interface F1/2 assigned any address from range


Port-based DHCP is working with these commands:

ip dhcp use subscriber-id client-id
ip dhcp subscriber-id interface-name
ip dhcp pool MCP03
   address client-id "Fa1/1" ascii
   cip instance 1


I need the reserved-only command based on this note (

Preassigning IP Addresses and Associating Them to a Client



Perform this task to restrict address assignments from the DHCP address pool only to preconfigured reservations.

When the DHCP Server Port-Based Address Allocation feature is configured on multiple switches, devices connected to one switch may also receive an IP address assignment from the neighboring switches rather than the local DHCP address pool switch. If you want the switch to serve only the client directly connected to the switch, you can configure a group of switches with pools that share a common IP subnet and ignore the requests from other clients (not connected to this switch).



Any thought on how to accomplish what I am trying to do?


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