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Does it need to proactively reboot switches and/or routers after a long system uptime?

We have some Cisco Nexus N7706, WS-2960X and ASR9001 running on stable software versions and good environmental conditions, they have been on for more than 3 years without interruption, I want to know if Cisco has any comments about devices that work for long uptime periods like that or they can run for uptimes similar to this or even longer, also, if cisco has documented recommendations about proactive reboots for long uptimes in order to avoid any kind of problems.


I've seen many times devices running for much longer than three years and they were still working just fine. I don't think there is any reason why a device should be reloaded if it is stable and in healthy conditions.


Hi Aref, thanks for your reply, I think I agree with you, however I wanted to see if there are any documented recommendations from Cisco about devices working for long times.

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Define "reboot"?  Cold or warm reboot.  

Warm reboot is as good as issuing a "reload" command. 
Cold reboot means pulling the power, wait for the about 5 seconds and powering the appliance(s) back on. 

In my personal opinion, "classic" IOS will work fine with warm reboot. 

In light of recent events, COLD REBOOT is more "reliable" (as a workaround) for IOS-XE (Catalyst 3650/3850, 9k) than warm reboot.


Hi Leo, thanks for your answer, whatever reboot mode, do you think we should force the system reboot in order to avoid any issues or keep the system running the same way it has been doing?

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Let me start by saying I am a really against leaving Cisco appliances running for >1 year without any cold/warm reboot.  I always practice & recommend cold/warm reboot once a year "to clear the gunk in the system" is what I'd like to say.   All of this is more relevant when dealing with routers and switches that run on IOS-XE, like 3650/3850 & Catalyst 9k.  

Read between the lines when I say:  

I highly recommend cold reboot appliances running IOS-XE,at least, once a year.  


If you can afford more cold reboots in a year then go for it -- you are doing the network more good.  

If you have appliances running classic IOS then yearly "reload" command is also beneficial.  

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