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EEM Cron-Entry stops working

i don't know if this is the right place for my Problem, but maybe someone have seen something similar.

I gave it to cisco support, but until now, they have no idea what the Problem could be.

I'm using EEM to enable/disable some Interfaces time based. Sometimes the Cron Entrys stops working.

Its running on a C3750X-12S-S with IOS  12.2(58)SE2

I have a Test Job, that produces a syslog Message Every 2 Minutes:

event manager applet Test-cron

event timer cron cron-entry "*/2 * * * *"

action 1 syslog msg "Test Cron"

action 2 cli command "enable"

"The Enable Command is only to check the CLI Commands"

The first Time, this occured, i solved it with a reload. That is a very Bad solution, since every uplink is going down.

Today i tried some things and changed my Test Entry to absolute. And the Job was working. After changing it back to cron, its working again also.

But what could be the reason for the Failure? And how could i track down the issue?

"debug event manager all" seems not to be a good solution.

The Logs will grow too much.

Maybe something missing in my configured Jobs? Perhaps the maxrun statement or something else?

Thanks for your Help.

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Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I am familiar with your issue, but we have thus far been unable to recreate it.  What you have said here is new information, though.  Have you relayed this to your TAC engineer?  Perhaps the problem is with the number of times the policy executes, and the timer becomes corrupted somehow.  If we can isolate the trigger, we can get developers looking into the problem.

yes, i gave the Infomration to my TAC. Im trying to collect anything to find the issue. Because the EEM is a cool feature.

Since i figured it out today in the Morning, im waiting for reply.


I follow on your post because I have the same problem with a cisco 819. I have a cron job that stops working.

event tag e2 timer cron cron-entry "0 4 * * *"

The job should run every day at 4:00. Some days it runs other days it does not run.

Did you receive a solution to your problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stefan,


there was no solution for the Problem. The case was on detailed investigation, but it was not possible to recreate the failure in a lab Environment.

For us, we deleted an recreated the Job when it stopped working. After the 2nd recreation it was stable for the Time it was needed. But at the moment i have no active EEM Jobs anymore.

Hello Team,

I have the same problem with the event timer cron cron-entry
The configuration works for a certain time, then it does not work.
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