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Empty Syslog Analyzer Customer Summary Report

When I run this report on one or any number of devices, the report has all zero's. However, if I run a 24hour report, there is obvious data. Thoughts?

We're running LMS3.1, Windows ver, ACS integrated.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The Custom Summary Report lists all syslog messages which match your defined syslog custom reports. What custom reports do you have defined? What are those report parameters? What syslog messages do you see in the standard 24 hour report?

I should have also mentioned that the report did produce data as of about a week ago, but has suddenly stopped. We have a daily syslog report that emails out events etc. We have quite a few reports from both the standard set and our customized ones.

Custom Report Names:

1. Configuration Changes Report

2. CPU Hog Report

3. Duplicate IP Address Report

4. Environmental Monitor Report

5. Flash Memory Error Report

6. IOS Firewall Application Level Intrusion

7. IOS Firewall Denial of Service

8. Memory Allocation Failure Report

9. PIX Denial of Service Report Incoming TCP or UDP Connections

10. PIX Denial of Service Report Outgoing TCP or UDP Connections

11. Reload Report

12. Severity Level 0 and 1 (Emergency/Alert messages) Report

13. Severity Level 2 (Critical messages)

14. uBR Severity Level 0 and 1 (Emergency/Alert messages) Report

15. uBR Severity Level 2 (Critical messages) Report

16. Embedded Event Manager

17. Generic Online Diagnostics

18. IP SLA Threshold violations

19. Broadcast Storm Detection

20. Duplex Mismatch

The standard 24hr report has all the data I would expect in syslog...

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Syslog data periodically ages out of the database. While the standard 24 hour report shows all available messages, these reports have specific match criteria which may not be met. This is why I asked for sample messages and the details of how each on of these templates is defined.