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EnergyWise Compliant Devices

Michael Shepherd

I have a question regarding EnergyWise.  At the moment, I have EnergyWise enabled on a handful of switches in out network for testing purposes.  I have an Avaya IP phone on one port and a Cisco 1242 AP on another.  It seems that the only power levels that these devices understand are the Shutdown (0) and Full (10).

Do the other power levels work on any endpoints yet?  Or do the endpoints need to be EnergyWise compliant?

We would like to bring down the power levels for phones and selected APs to standby or another reduced level during off hours.

Is this possible yet?

Thanks for your time...


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Have you found an answer to this question?  I am having the same problem but with Cisco IP Phones and Access Points. answer yet.  Not sure what good energywise will do if you can't moderate the power on AP's and phones (other than on/off)

Hi Michael,

Currently there is no support for devices other than on and off (0 and 10). The only exception to this is PC's which can be set to hibernate/standby with the use of the Orchestrator software. The main draw back you will find is that with non-Cisco devices, they will not have the Cisco Energywise API installed, and as a result, they will not recognise the different power levels.

Cisco are working on a new series of IP phones which can support these different levels of power which will improve the whole Energywise experience. Im am unsure of the exact feature list, but they will support a standby mode and will allow the switchport to still function when POE has been removed from the switchport. I would expect that they will also be rolling our further intelligence to their AP's/controllers.

Hope this helps