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Error Communicating with DCR Server



While trying to edit device credentials, I got this error from DCR:

Error in communicating with DCR  Server.
DCR Server may be down. Please start the DCR Server and then refresh  the page.

But when I checked the DCRServer process status from Process Status Report and the Process List, it's Running normally.

What could be the problem? The CiscoWorks server runs 3.0.1 (December 2007 Update). Attached are pdshow command output, dcr and DCRServer logs

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Joel Monge
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you please post what DFM version this server is running?

The DFM version is 3.0.5

This behavior points to a problem seen in older versions of DFM, but it should be fixed on DFM 3.0.5.  Do you see this error message on any other screens in LMS or only when trying to edit credentials in CS? Does the problem always return even if you restart server?

Enable debug mode for Device and Credentials Repository under CS > Server > Admin > CS Log Configurations.  Reproduce error and post a new set of DCRServer.log, dcr.log, dcrclient.log and pdshow.

Hi Joel,

I have the same problem with LMS 3.1,

Products Installed

NameVersionLicense StatusSize
CiscoWorks Common Services3.2.0LicensedNot applicable
Campus Manager5.1.4Evaluation100
CiscoView6.1.8LicensedNot applicable
CiscoWorks Assistant1.1.0LicensedNot applicable
Device Fault Manager3.1.3Evaluation100
Internetwork Performance Monitor4.1.0Evaluation100
Integration Utility1.8.0LicensedNot applicable
LMS Portal1.1.0LicensedNot applicable
Resource Manager Essentials4.2.0Evaluation100
Health and Utilization Monitor1.1.0Evaluation100
When I try to edit Device Credential, this error appears.
Error in communicating with DCR Server.
DCR Server may be down. Please start the DCR Server and then refresh the page.
DCRServer is stopped and started but the problem still appears.

Please start a separate thread for your issue.

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