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Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

FYI - LMS 4.2 is Out

I just noticed the Release Notes and other documentation for LMS 4.2 is now up on the product support section of

The product bulletin and data sheet information page have not yet been updated.

Michel Hegeraat
Rising star

Thanks for the notification Marvin.

Looks like it was out there since the the 9th of February.

Still hope one of these day I get a mail from cisco telling me a new version is out.



There does seem to be a file in CCO called “Cisco_Prime_LAN_Management_Solution_4_2-upgrade.tar.gz” to upgrade from LMS 4.1

This “Cisco_Prime_LAN_Management_Solution_4_2-upgrade.tar.gz” file is only for linux.

The problem is that it seems that LMS 4.2 needs a proper 4.2 license and on the I see

no upgrades available to LMS 4.2, only to LMS 4.1.


Can someone tell me how to become a proper LMS prime 4.2 license?

I need to update form lms 4.2 to lms 4.2. I have the tar.gz file downloaded. Can I install right away over prime 4.1 without license issue, in other words: is the license lms 4.1 the same as lms 4.2?

kind regards


You will need a new .lic file to be generated and applied to your 4.2 installation to give you a valid non-evaluation license type.

If you have SAS support contract for your LMS, I would recommend you call the TAC and open a case with the licensing team. At last check, the upgrade tool was not yet configured to offer the upgrade fulfillment online.

Per this guide:

"Ordering Information for Existing Cisco Prime LMS 4.x Customers

1. Determine the total license count for your existing Cisco Prime LMS 4.x product and order the equivalent number of Cisco Prime Infrastructure minor release upgrade licenses as listed in Table 3. When using the Cisco Ordering Tool enter the part number R-PI-1.1-MR-K9 to access the options. If you have an active SAS contract on LMS 4.x you can use the product upgrade tool to order Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.1 at no charge. Visit"