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GRE config info SNMP mib / oid


I'd like to get some GRE tunnel specific config parameters via SNMP. Given

interface tunnel 1

ip address

tunnel source

tunnel destination

How do I extract the tunnel source & tunnel destination via SNMP? I've found the interface number & interface ip address via an snmpwalk; but I've yet to locate the tunnel source / destination. Is there a particular mib or oid this is tracked in?


David Stanford
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It doesn't look like there is a specific object for GRE tunnel source/destination as of yet. I see that there are objects for IPSec tunnels, but not GRE.

Abou the best workaround I could find would be to do the following:

Poll the ifTable, especially the ifDescr object.This will give you the names of all intefaces configured on the router

snmpwalk -c public router_ip_address ifDescr

router_ip_address can be any address on this router (reachable) from the NMS station.

Then locate the index assigned to the tunnel interface

example: IF-MIB::ifDescr.20 = STRING: Tunnel1

and do

snmpwalk -c public router_ip_address


This alternative would only give you the source address of the tunnel, defined locally.

Another workaround would be to put an explanatory description on the router's local Tunnel interface indicating the remote address of the tunnel and then poll the ifAlias Object from the ifTable MIB as follows:

snmpwalk -c public router_ip_address ifAlias

There you would see the description of the tunnel interface pointing to the remote tunnel interface's address.

I know this is 7 years old... sorry!

But wouldn't this solution (snmpwalk -c public router_ip_address ifAlias) just give the interface address as opposed to the tunnel source? So in this case, you would only be able to find and not Is there a way to find the tunnel source, then?

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