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how can i find which mode of my Prime Infrastructure is , express ,express-plus or standard

        One guy installed the prime infrastruction 2.2 , but now he resigned,  i don't know which  mode of the Prime Infrastructure is :express ,express-plus or standard ?

        Now i want to upgrade it to 3.0 version and want it be express-plus mode. How can i check it by the command or web-ui ? although i can find it has 8 CPUs , 16G MEM, and other information belong to express-plus, i just want to ensure it .

Cisco Employee

Hi Eric,

Hi Eric,

The sizes for PI installations are tied to the resources available on them. Try logging in via CLI and running "show inventory".

This will tell you the CPUs/RAM/HDD size avaialble and you can compare it with  the official sizes below:



Change deployment size

Hi Luis,


I take this old post since we are in a similar situation as Eric, that is we'd like to pass from a 2.2 to a 3.0 (in fact we'd like to go further to a 3.4, but this is the first necessary step) with the difference that we *know* that the current deployment size is Express, and we *know* that we need to pass to Express Plus.

Looking around in the official doc and in this community we did find many helpful information on how to migrate between versions keeping data, but nothing at all on how to change deployment size whether it was during a release change, or even keeping the same.

I suppose that the database didn't change as long as just deployment sizes are concerned, because only resources metadata are involved, so a backup/restore of the DB should work either, but instructions say:

If you are upgrading from a Prime Infrastructure 2.2.x virtual machine, you should create a new virtual machine with the same deployment configuration option you used previously (for example, Express, Express-Plus, Standard, or Professional), back up your existing virtual machine, and then restore it on the new virtual machine.

Why is it requested to keep the deployment configuration? I would have understood if it was suggested not to downsize it, but what if we enlarged it?

Could anyone be of help to us?


Thank you

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