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Luis Perez

How to download the software of Cisco Prime Infraestructure???

I've bought this licenses and have obtained this PAKs




When i try to download the software and license using the PAK R-PI12-BASE-K9 the license page of Cisco ask me about the Product ID and serial number of the target device. What that means because Im planing to install the software in a Virtual Machine placed in UCS infraestructure.

Also the page explain something about the UDI of the NCS.

Can somebody help me about whta values can i use in the serial number and product id to download the software??

Christopher McGuyer
Cisco Employee

Hi Luis,

That message is related to the license.  Prime Infrastructure licenses are node-locked and thus you need to provide the VUDI to have a license created for you. The VUDI can be found once you have the software installed by going to ADMINISTRATION--> LICENSES.

Thanks Cristopher i was reading about that and now i completely agree with you, my new question is can i download the installer without a contract service because my customer has a politic to apply the contract service after to make the entire installation.

You can obtain the software in at least two ways:

1. go to You will be redirected to the mediuscorp-hosted page where you can download both LSM and PI 1.2 evaluation copies. You can install those and later apply the license using your PAK.

2. download from the software download page with a userid associated with a service contract that includes SASU support for PI. When you purchased the software it should have included a line item for the support.

A third way is to order the physical media with the software. It appears you didn't order that option though.

Hi Marvin thanks for your answer, i have used your first option but actually i only find the Prime 1.3 version in this page, do you know another way to download a evaluation version to work with it until my customer accept to aply the service contract??

Since PI 1.3 was released just a couple of weeks ago, Cisco has updated the evaluation download to offer the current version.

If you want an older version you'd have to have a service contract (option 2 above) to download that.

Aside from the logistics of how to download, I'd suggest your customer would be better served with the current release.



I have purchase Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 , 6 months ago(R-PI12--K9 Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 and ,R-PI12-Base-K9 Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Base License and Software).

I have installed it and its working But i have to download it from CISCO site , i havn't received any physical kit(DVD) yet .

My query is that will Cisco provide the physical media kit(DVD) or the order for physical media is not the one which i ordered earlier??


Ideally DVD's were sent earlier for all the ordered products, but now days after order license kits are sent and Media is available on CCO site.

Though you should check it once with the partner, Vendor of Cisco Point of Contact for Sale for confirmation on if physical media will be sent or not.

You can contact them on email as well on and with your purchase order number.



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Hi Bilal,

The default delivery method for software is through eDelivery (download).  The only way you would receive the physical media is if it was specifically ordered (there is a small cost for this option).  If you haven't received physical media, then I would guess it was not included with your order.  If this is needed, then you can still order the media.  Check the online Ordering Guide ( for details.


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