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How to upgrade prime 2.1 to Prime 2.2 in a Appliance.

Has anyone upgraded to Prime 2.2 in a appliance form 2.0.





I performed an upgrade last night from version 2.1 to 2.2


You have to backup the application, rebuild the appliance from scratch to version 2.2 from a DVD and then restore the application backup.


From start to finish the process took just over 8 hours.


Hope this helps


Thats great richard...i have a brand new appliance so i can play around is there any link which says about the procedure involved..i did search but most of them talk about virtual systems.


If you are building it from scratch it is very straight forward. The process is the same as a virtual system but in this case you need to boot the physical appliance from the DVD.


The quick guide lists the steps that you need to follow to initially configure the appliance, the steps are the same for a physical appliance as well as a Virtual.



alright let me burn the .iso PI 2.2 on the dvd was there any license rehosting issue involved..i read there will not be any isses with rehosting...

In my case its a new box but ive already installed the PAK on 2.0 and i think the upgrade procedure counts only when youre migrating from 2.1 or 1.4 or else its a direct installation from 2.0.


AS far as I'm aware sa long as you are going to restore an application backup from a 2.1 appliance where you are going to use the same IP address and hostname I don't think there will be an issue.


My licenses came across with the application restore.


If you are going to do it on a new box with different IP and hostname you may have to rehome the license.


Then i have to rehost the license anyway if iam upgrading from 2.0 to 2.1 or directly from 2.0 to 2.2 isnt it...


Not sure you will, read attached about node locked licenses.

However it looks like you can not go from 2.0 direct to 2.2


Hi Murphy,


Since it was a greenfield and i ididnt have much to loose though i had installed the license on PI 2.0 ....i went for a direct upgrade to PI 2.2 once on the GUI .. it was prompting for a 60 day period validity but since i had the copy of the license from cisco licensing i re-installed it on PI 2.2 worked fine.


Thanks for taking your valuable time to reply ..




Hi Richard,

how to take the  backup from prime local disk. 2.1 for upgrading to 2.2


You will need to setup a remote repository to copy the backup file to.


currently we are running with prime 2.1 , in back round tasks I don't find an option for creating external repository



Please refer to the PI 2.1 Admin Guide. IT explains how to create a remote repository and backup your PI 2.1 from the command line interface.


Just as a reference for anyone else who might be reading this thread, I upgraded our 1.3 appliance to 2.2 yesterday, and everything worked perfectly. Here was the process I used;

  1. Install PI_1_3_0_20-Update.4-16 patch to existing 1.3 implementation.
  2. Upgrade 1.3 implementation to
  3. Install pi212_20141118_01 patch to implementation.
  4. Take a backup of the NCS application while it’s running, move it off of the box.
  5. Download and install 2.2 using an ISO downloaded from the Cisco support site. This is a completely new build, from the OS up. Did this using a USB hard disk with the virtual HDD option, much faster than the DVD.
  6. Move the NCS application backup back onto the box, and go through the restore process.

It went smooth, the entire process took about 2 hours.



I need to make the very same upgrade like yours, from PI 1.3 to PI 2.2 running in HA using the existing appliances generation 1. The licence is for 500 devices.

I could not locate the pi212_20141118_01 patch.

Can you point me where to find this patch?

Thanks in advance




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